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Michell LEVIS Magnetic Levitation Feet

LEVIS feet use opposing magnets to support the weight of your turntable, floating it on a cushion of air. LEVIS adds an additional level of structural isolation between the sensitive parts of your turntable and the supporting surface.

Structural vibrations occur when dynamic forces generated by things such as loudspeakers, footfall, outside traffic, electrical transformers, and even turntable motors, make the supporting surface of your turntable vibrate. These vibrations no matter how small can then travel into your turntable and affect its performance. LEVIS feet effectively eliminate these vibrations before they can become a problem.

When designing a magnetic levitation device, some consideration must be given to how you will control the action of the levitation and how you will contain the assembly and stop it flying apart. Some parts must touch somewhere! We looked how similar devices had dealt with these issues; however, we didn’t feel they were right for the product we were trying to create. So, opted for a fully enclosed design with minimal contact.

When in operation, the only physical contact between the lower part of each foot and the upper part is 3 unloaded tiny radius points, almost pinpoints. Made of high rigidity low mass polymer, these points of contact are not load bearing, and isolated from the metal parts by a polymer housing and spring. The points of contact are only present to ensure the metal parts of the feet do not touch. This design gives an extremely low level of contact, getting as close as possible to contact free support.

LEVIS, set of 3 are available to buy with two weight ranges.

  • LEVIS (for full size turntables with hinged lids 13Kg-30Kg)
  • LEVIS SE (for SE model turntables 9.5Kg-14Kg)

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