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Borresen C3

This third addition to the upcoming C series, makes no compromises on quality and outstanding musicality.

With trademark features and new technological advancements, the Borresen C series promises an unparalleled listening experience. Each speaker in the C series is meticulously crafted to deliver music with authenticity and emotional intensity.

The Borresen C series marks a significant evolution in the company’s approach to speaker design. Built upon a foundation of technological know-how gained during the development stages of previous loudspeaker ranges, the C series represents a culmination of years of research and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the highly acclaimed range X, the Borresen team has created a lineup that is both advanced and faithful to the company’s philosophy and sound profile. As Michael Borresen himself believes, “even the greatest designs can always be improved,” and the Borresen C series is a testament to exactly that.

The Borresen C series utilize a mixture of advanced technologies derived from the highly esteemed M, O, and Z loudspeaker series, with some of these technologies receiving upgrades and substantial improvements.

Features & Specifications

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